The Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) was established under the ZRB Act No. 7 of 1996 as the prime agency of the Government of Zanzibar for collection and administration of all taxes from Inland Revenue sources other than customs, excise and income taxes that are administered by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). ZRB became operational since July 1998.

Vision and Mission Statement

The Vision of the Zanzibar Revenue Board is:
"To be a centre of Tax Administration Excellence."

ZRB is committed and dedicated to become a centre of tax administration excellence that meets the expectations of all stakeholders on a continuous and sustainable basis. ZRB is committed to become a centre of tax administration excellence by the year 2010.

Mission Statement
ZRB's mission statement describes the main purpose and business of ZRB. The Mission Statement spells why ZRB is in existence. In other words it encapsulates the purpose of the organization. ZRB recognizes that its operations must be supportive of the country's economic development agenda, by collecting all eligible revenue while facilitating investment and economic activities.

"To optimize revenue collection by promoting voluntary compliance and public confidence through effective, efficient, transparent and fair administration of relevant tax laws, with the highest degree of integrity and providing quality customer service."